3/21/21 Farm Journal

New in the Store front: Eggs (10 dz) and Sorrel. Plenty of pork still available.

You can place your order here for pick up at:

The Farm this Wednesday 11 – 7

The Northside (801 Union Pl, Pittsburgh, PA 15212) this Wednesday at 3:30/3:45 (I’m coming from Friendship, so be please be patient).

Farm Update: – Jen

This is the week to get the peas, spinach, radishes, lettuce, and other cold hardy crops out into the field or garden. With the warm weather and sun, come the workers. I think so many of us have been cooped up in our houses that the chance to get out, commune with nature and nature-aficionados is just what we need right now! Currently we have about 6 people scheduled to help out this coming Tuesday! Last week we got 2″ of rain in one day and the fields were just too wet to work. But it has since dried out and we have 24 yards of compost to spread! Our tractor, shovels and backs will be working hard! If you have the time and the desire to grow food with us, we have many opportunities. Come and be a part of the farm crew, play a supporting roll and be a farm customer, or do a little of both and buy your seedlings from us for your own backyard garden.

Check out the Garden Share* program where we supply you with monthly allotments of seeds and and seedlings, (* for all you Garden Share members – keep an eye on your inbox for news, as we start off this week!).

We also will have individual pots and 6 packs for sale of every variety of seedlings we grow on the farm. As we start seeds in the greenhouse for the farm fields and Garden Shares, we throw in a few extra for those of you who just want a little of this and and little of that for your back yard garden. I’ll make a note in the newsletter what new varieties are available each week.

Our high tunnel makeover is 90% there and I can feel my elation as I watch the chickens circle the perimeter trying unsuccessfully to get in and destroy my crops. Victory is at hand!

rebuilding the two sets of doors at each end of the high tunnel

Where’s the Beef?

We’re ordering two grass-fed and finished beef cows from Rolling Hills Heritage Farm. We plan to get a variety of cuts back, but will also have a bunch of hotdogs made for sale to you all, and for value-added sandwiches at the farmers market. Two cows will be A LOT of meat and we are offering a bulk purchasing option, like we had in the COVID times of 2020. For $200 ($8/lb) you get 25 lbs of lean ground beef in roughly 1 lb packages. We have 25 packages available so order here to get the beef! Individual cuts will be available for sale once we get them back from the butcher. You will need to be ready to receive your 25 lb package on the day that it comes back from the butcher. We won’t have enough freezer space to store all that meat. We’ll keep you up-to-date as to the expected pick up date and time.

The Soapster

In an effort to clear our freezers out of an abundance of lard, Greg’s been busy with soap making. It’ll take a couple weeks to cure, and then wa-laah! We’re back in the soaping business!

90 lbs of lemongrass soap (and one batch of charcoal soap) curing in the soap molds

CSA Sales open

Member signups are rolling in! Be sure to join the CSA before it fills up! Thankfully, it doesn’t seem as though our food system will be as disrupted as it was in 2020. We were inundated with CSA signups and in the end had to shut down sales. We don’t aspire to get too big and really cherish our small and sweet CSA. We have a “know every member” philosophy and cherish our friendships and loyalty that is created with our farm families. Whether you pick up in the city or the farm, we always encourage you to talk our ear off, ask questions, and get to know your farmer. How unique is it, these days, to have a one on one relationship with the very person who grabs the eggs from under the chicken’s butt? (We’re happy to let you collect eggs too!).

Part of the joy of the farm pick up is that you can visit the barnyard and see the new piglets, collect eggs, throw the ball for the dog, visit the chickens in the fields and harvest some cherry tomatoes. Our goal is to slow life down a bit while you’re here at the farm. Relax, let the kids play, get dirty, and make and eat good food.

If you are scheduled to pick up in the city – please know you’re always welcome to farm events or to switch your pick up location to the farm on occasion. At the Northside market (Fridays 3 – 7 pm), we are there with the grill, cooking up farm fresh foods; salads with ingredients from the fields, sandwiches made with meat from the farm, all additional ingredients and toppings are sourced as locally and fresh as possible. Hyper-local fast food! Come pick up your share and have Friday’s dinner taken care of too!

Garden Shares

Garden shares start this month, but it’s not too late to join. The “big” month is May – when all the heavy weights come out and you get loaded up with tomatoes, peppers and other summer crops. If you’ve already signed up, be sure to check your inbox for info this week.

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